Cameron Daigle

I live in Jacksonville Beach, Florida and work at Hashrocket. I help people with computers, with computers. Depending on the day, I design interfaces, design non-interfaces, write frontend code, or UX all over a whiteboard. I like building tools that help people get things done.


I've spoken internationally about UI, UX, design, professional empathy, and designer/developer relations. I've spoken at RailsConf, Scottish Ruby, Ruby on Ales, Ruby Lugdunum, and Podcamp Nashville, as well as assorted local meetups & events. Here's a video of my RailsConf 2014 talk, and here's one of my Ancient City Ruby 2016 talk.

So far this year, I've spoken at Ancient City Ruby, and I'll be in Berlin in August to speak at HybridConf.

Other Stuff I Do